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International Students

As an experienced English tutor for international students, I understand the common challenges and obstacles faced when studying for an iGCSE. That’s why my tutoring is tailored around your individual needs, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses and helping you reach your full potential as an English student.

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No matter how far or close you are to your final exams, I’ll create a tutoring schedule that best suits you, adding some extra convenience to your learning.

Not only is it my goal to help you succeed in English, I also hope you’ll become as passionate about it as I am. Along the way, I’ll be on hand to offer you all the guidance you need to give you the best chance for success.

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What’s the difference between an iGCSE and a GCSE?

iGCSEs are recognised in the UK as being equivalent to a standard GCSE grade, which are unattainable for students outside the UK. If you’d like to gain a GCSE in English while studying in a non-UK country, you’ll find an iGCSE to be a perfect option.

Are you international student looking for a private tutor to prepare you for your iGCSE exams? Get in contact today and we can begin working on your tutoring schedule right away.

1:1 Tutoring

  • 1 live hourly bespoke tutorial per week
  • Recording of the above for revision purposes
  • Material provided including free revision books if required and past papers
  • One free mock exam per term (usually £30)
  • Option for homework set and marked


Contact with me in between tutorials should any questions arise

Cost: £60 per hour


Looking for an English tutor you can count on?

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