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Exam Revision

Revising for your upcoming English exams can be very stressful, especially if you’ve got other exams to study for and you’re unsure about whether your preparation will be enough to achieve the grades you seek. Thankfully, if this applies to you or your child, I’d be happy to help you with your English revision.

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I offer private online English revision for upcoming exam students, helping to solidify your knowledge, improve your confidence and give you the best possible chance of hitting your target grades.

Specialising in both the language and literature curriculum, during our sessions we’ll cover how to answer specific exam-style questions and look at the techniques you can implement to maximise your marks.

Any doubts you may have going into your exams, I’ll be on hand to guide you through the journey with constructive feedback and support.

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When do I start revising for my exams?

There really is no time ‘too early’ to start revising for your English exams. Many educational bodies suggest starting around 6 months before your final exams, but this can change depending on your unique studying methods. The more time you give yourself, however, the better chance you have of refining your skills to the necessary levels.

Want to solidify your chances of getting the best possible English grades? Get in touch with me now to start benefitting from private revision tutoring sessions.

1:1 Tutoring

  • 1 live hourly bespoke tutorial per week
  • Recording of the above for revision purposes
  • Material provided including free revision books if required and past papers
  • One free mock exam per term (usually £30)
  • Option for homework set and marked


Contact with me in between tutorials should any questions arise

Cost: £60 per hour


Looking for an English tutor you can count on?

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